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August 31, 2021 at 12:29 am


Gnonstop has been developed in an over-saturated sea of internet application registration methods and complex arena of login implementations. Various registration systems link different platforms where data may already reside. Cross platform development represents mixing multiple login methods and knowingly transferring information between databases. Advanced websites with years of maturation and highly developed communities could mystify individual identity. Gnonstop believes individuals maintain every right to form congregations and parties. Gnonstop questions multiple congregations / parties when individual identities become layered in binary ways. The development of Gnonstop has made increasingly apparent that congregations and parties are stronger and wiser when made up of individuals who understand identity as well as binary reasoning.


As applications and platforms on the world wide web evolve, Gnonstop prioritizes civic engagement. Values maintained as civic virtues represent viable alternatives to public or private values commonly found among internet platforms. Public versus private dynamics are far too binary in variable settings requiring account registration and user interactions. Gnonstop is proud to present an equally powerful platform for website visitors and registered account users alike. Ideology that Gnonstop stands for consistently empowers real world applications and supplies interval timers for various use cases. Gnonstop has been built so that website visitors may use interval timing features as visitors but replicate registered account features in real life. This means someone may visit the website to configure interval timers while keeping records on pen and paper.

Lucy Moore is a 25 year old scientific researcher who enjoys playing golf, watching football and competing in chess matches. She reads and writes channeling considerate energetic passion. To peers, her wit sometimes comes off as sneaky though she portrays it elegantly. Lucy is very proud of staying in good shape and exercises frequently. Social profiles feature her tall figure, glowing skin, dark brown hair and black eyes. Lucy's best friend is a fellow researcher known as Rhoda Steele. They are inseparable learning and growing together both coming from complicated social upbringings. Tragically, Lucy’s parents died when she was young, so she was raised around extended family and friends. She sometimes rebels curating peaceful conflicts such as drawing art in public places using chalk.

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