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Web Accounts

August 19, 2020 at 10:01 am


Accounts enable record creation and organization for timer configurations from both outside and inside the application. Categories may be created for multiple records corresponding to common themes. Extra records can be created for timer configurations from outside the application, adding depth and versatility to accounts. Account features integrate different types of record organizational tools for different categories. Organization focuses on keeping track of various category records over time. Accounts are designed for individuals, peers, and groups to use alike.


Inside registered accounts, timing records can be linked to different categories. Gnonstop categorization features allow for accounts to group and differentiate records. The application also allows for multiple categories to get assigned to multiple records. For example, someone may create records for "solo running" and "yoga class" exercise routines. Gnonstop allows for separate category creation and application to the created records. An additional category such as “exercise” may also be created and applied to the same records. Category records allow for accounts to focus on various types separately, or multiple at a time.


Gnonstop has developed organization techniques differently than systems such as calendars or daily planners. Calendars facilitate event creation for certain days or times of the week. Gnonstop differs because the logging system directly corresponds to event timing details. Records timed within the application correspond to events created in real time using Gnonstop. Adding extra record types for scenarios separate from using Gnonstop represents exciting synergistic potential. Gnonstop allows for records to be organized corresponding to different categories. These categories can include both records created within the application and extra records separate from Gnonstop timings. Gnonstop becomes synergistic when different types of category records get saved to the same account. For example, an account may organize multiple categories of records for "exercise", "meditating", "photo editing", and "juggling". Using the account over time would represent capabilities reaching beyond traditional methods.

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