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August 27, 2021 at 1:28 am

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Memorizing lines, practicing physiques, and gazing into cameras would seem fundamental if producing strictly for content based platforms. The limelight, staging and production could prove pivotal if audience engagement was the goal. Peer to peer networks allow for interactions among many and for variety of linguistics. Nevertheless, individuality and uniqueness sometimes come with associated expenses. Repetitions may incur unnecessary costs, multiplicity of settings could have negative consequences on environments, and production dynamics would extend beyond associated audiences. Clearing minds and resetting to home base; Gnonstop features become more valuable in a world apart from content based platforms and peer to peer networks.


Many platforms with significant traction revolve around content posts. Some platforms deliver updates via feeds while other platforms utilize search queries to present relevant materials. Extending peer to peer networks introduces features such as peer messaging, transfer of materials, and public comments. Content based platforms leverage various levels of user privacy to focus audiences or limit content availability. Censorship has been fundamental in the development of new technologies considering developments around film, print, radio, and television. While censorship might introduce dilemmas, there may be value in remaining indecisive. The evolution of content based platforms and peer to peer networks is more than a matter of choosing between private and public settings.


Gnonstop represents an alternative to content based platforms and peer to peer networks. Groups or users may use accounts for meditation, exercise, creative work, or evening brainstorming. The framework has been designed to allow accounts to facilitate these actions for many desired intervals and configurations. While content based platforms and peer to peer networks gain from sharing content and transferring data between individuals, Gnonstop allows accounts to learn, grow, and accumulate at their own pace. Writing takes time, projects benefit from repetitions, art appears different after revisions, and exercises work differently with rest intervals. Peer to peer networks and content based platforms introduce limits well established in current mainstream society. Gnonstop dances around limits by providing an alternate platform. Gnonstop represents an emerging set of ideas that requires no rehearsals.

Ruby Wright is a 31-year-old political analyst who enjoys sports on television, binge-watching boxing matches and solving jigsaw puzzles. She writes with vigor yet sometimes her messages come off a bit standoffish. Ruby touts background studying philosophy, politics and economics at various levels of university. She is obsessed with running and physically in really great shape. Social profiles feature her average height, blonde hair and brown eyes. She is currently obsessed with film stars. One of her favorites is Erica Viv Morgan, who once played a locally renowned carpenter. Ruby's best friend is a government analyst called Charlotte Forrest. They enjoy cycling together and share frequent discussions about novels.

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