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Updated August 31, 2020


Welcome to Gnonstop Interval Timer and thanks for your interest in the website. We hope that Gnonstop timing utilities and organizational tools help facilitate a variety of real-world goals. We value protecting personal information including your right to privacy on the internet. Gnonstop has been developed as a utility timer application with options for registered accounts. If you would like to contact Gnonstop support, please visit the contact page and submit a message. If you require further assistance or would otherwise like to reach out via email, please contact [email protected]. When visiting the website,, and using website services, please understand the important role you play in our community. We value website security and take certain measures to ensure your personal information is kept safe. The following policy explains how your data is used and certain rights to be aware of while using the website. If you do not agree with any of the terms outlined in this privacy policy, please stop using the website immediately.


When using the website, please understand that certain information may be collected. For the most part, information that may be collected represents your internet browser rather than your personal details. Gnonstop account services have been developed the same for individual account users, peer account users, and group account users alike. Information collected may include device information such as IP addresses and internet browser characteristics. Information may be collected via cookies and related technologies which are outlined later in this privacy policy. Information including certain statistics corresponds to overall security of the website and to internal operations such as application analytics. Considering registered accounts, data logs are kept corresponding to statistics such as timestamps for updates, saved records, and website preferences. We use registered account information for business purposes including facilitating user experiences, determining user base statistics, understanding trends, and evaluating business interests. We may use registered account information to protect the integrity of the website for situations including fraud detection and legal requests. We do not evaluate personal identifiable information unless someone requests specific responses such as via email or contact message.


We may use cookies and related technologies to monitor the website at macro scale. Cookies correspond to user sessions, registered accounts, and records saved to each account. You may reject certain cookies at any time, but such rejections may limit website functionality. Information related to website cookies represents website browsers and registered accounts. We use cookies to enhance user experiences, especially those for registered accounts and Gnonstop record organizational tools. We do not consider website information from individual cookies for business purposes. We consider statistics gathered from collections of cookies, such as website traffic from one day or over one week for business purposes.


Please take note that website servers may be located in a different country than your current location. If you are accessing the website from a different country, please be aware that your information may be shared on the server across countries. Interacting with website servers in different countries is very common for internet applications of this type. If you are a resident of a country where data protection laws have not been fully developed, we still take measures to ensure protection of your information. We strive to provide the best possible website experience for everyone, no matter what country or geographical region you access from. Without restrictions, the website may be used in any country or geographical region that can access our servers.

Third Party Organizations

Upon accessing the website, content may be featured from third party organizations such as advertisements. Featured content may link to other websites and represent other organizations. We do not oversee privacy of information shared with third party organizations. Website interaction with third party organizations does not directly correspond to the points raised in this privacy policy. Focusing on user experience, we value potential feedback and monitor any featured content from third party organizations. We do our best to ensure third party content corresponds to Gnonstop ideas and themes. If you have questions relating to third party content on the website, please feel free to contact us. You may also reach out to third party organizations with comments or questions.


We have developed the website with modern record keeping and security measures to ensure the best possible user experience. We value your privacy and hope to continually develop software to help with accomplishing goals and staying organized. Despite our best efforts, no internet information transmission can be guaranteed to be completely safe. Therefore, we cannot assure that hackers or unauthorized accessors will not overcome website security measures. Please be aware and acknowledge security risks including some for individual users. Consistent with other internet applications, we recommend setting strong and unique passwords as one method to protect account integrity. We recommend planning between peers and across groups for potential shared account access situations. We take measures to ensure the security of your information and to provide the best possible experiences. Please access the website within secure environments. Also note that if you reside in a geographical region with certain internet data supervision, you have the right to complain. You may complain to your local data protection authorities or email us directly at [email protected].


If you would like to terminate your account at any time, you may do so by logging into your account and visiting the edit account page. An option for account deletion is available on the edit account page. Feel free to contact us with questions about accessing, registering, or deleting your account. Depending on your preference, you may use the website if you set internet browser preferences to reject or remove cookies. However, such actions may limit Gnonstop user experiences especially for registered accounts. You may update the email address associated with your registered account at any time. To update the email address for your account, please log on and visit the profile editing page. We use email contact information strictly for application purposes such as account notifications. We never use email information for advertising or third-party marketing.

Additional Notices

Per State of California legislation, users may request and obtain from us certain information corresponding to their recent account activity. Please contact us if you would like to make such a request. Considering website accounts and potential questions, we would like to point out that the website does not feature public postings or peer to peer interactions. Gnonstop has been developed to create and organize records for registered accounts. We appreciate your interest in the website and hope that you find value and creativity in our application. Considering the points raised in this privacy policy, please note that we may update terms in the future. If you have questions regarding Gnonstop use or about this privacy policy, please contact [email protected].

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