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August 17, 2020 at 1:55 am


Gnonstop introduces exciting new ideas as an application featuring interval timer and record keeping capabilities. The web-based software is available for use aimed at facilitating a variety of timing and record organizational tasks. Gnonstop allows for the creation of accounts to maintain and organize records. Accounts hold information for timer configurations completed within the application and allow for extra records to be added from beyond the application. Gnonstop integrates comprehensive features to maintain and organize records including categories and notes. Examples uses for the software include alternating focus on different tasks, timed routines, blending thoughts, and managing projects. Gnonstop offers various tools and functionalities for a wide variety of uses.


Internet applications evolve in unpredictable and interesting ways as functionality often changes over time. Considering evolving environments and various platforms, the world wide web remains consistently accessible to many different devices. Recent technological developments and global trends have allocated attention towards individual self-focus and development. Macro scale examples include decentralized electronic currency, virtual event organization systems, and at home work environments. Networks on the world wide web have the ability to guide attention across individuals, peers, and groups.

Considering the development of various networking groups, inter-connectivity has often been prioritized over individual functions. Inter-connectivity features of various applications often have been developed considering peer to peer functions. Gnonstop differs because development has focused on individual functions as interval timers and solo accounts represent a unique avenue for record keeping and organization.

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Web Accounts
August 19, 2020

Accounts enable record creation and organization for timer configurations from both outside and inside the application. Categories may be created for multiple records...