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August 28, 2021 at 12:53 am

Recent Updates

Previous versions of Gnonstop featured default records and categories that were automatically generated for new accounts. The application has been updated to remove default values in an effort to improve user experiences. Motivation for removing default values stemmed from application feedback received on certain fronts. Gnonstop feedback showed dissatisfaction in cases where users desired multiple accounts for different purposes. Previously, every time users created accounts, each new account would get created with the same default values. Removing the default values now presents new accounts as clean slates ready to populate with custom records and categories.

Gaining Perspective

Gnonstop chooses to prioritize users’ interests in creating multiple accounts for different purposes. In some cases, feedback showed enthusiasm around creating multiple accounts for individuals. In other cases, feedback indicated desire for separate accounts to use for individuals while also allowing for additional accounts to share between peers and groups. When utilizing multiple accounts, feedback indicated that default values were redundant especially for users already familiar with Gnonstop. Considering accounts created before the removal of default values, records and categories have been unlinked to clean slates consistently across the platform.


Compared to many other internet platforms, managing Gnonstop would be comparably buoyant. Minimal peer to peer interactions and light user interactions make the Gnonstop community unique. After one year of experience on the world wide web, Gnonstop notes that a significant portion of visitors use the application without registering for an account. Future vision explores potential developments including linking social media accounts and additional registration methods such as phone numbers. Those methods have yet to get integrated until desire is demonstrated around the community. The Gnonstop team looks forward to further developing core utilities, maintaining accounts without clutter and expanding reach.

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