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Content Types

August 29, 2021 at 12:12 am


Gnonstop has explored various content types regarding future platform development and potential community interest. Content based platforms around the world wide web represent ideas manifested from content creators and audiences. Peer to peer networks differ from content based platforms as peers perform different roles under binary oversight but without traditional third party controls. Content based platforms introduce new dynamics between content creators and audiences that unfold over time. Peer to peer networks challenge roles such as content creator or audience member when certain tools extend to audience members. Content based platforms versus peer to peer networks question roles when features such as direct communications allow user interactions within the same application. Rather than differentiating content based platforms and peer to peer networks, focusing on what each have in common reveals digital content types. Value is placed on the distinction of various digital content no matter the type.

Post Production

Post production is common among content based platforms and peer to peer networks. An example of post production could include extensive image altering before submitting to an audience. Peer to peer networks allow for transactions between post producers, such as collaborations or disputes. Post production would remain valid in that files shared to audiences may continue to resonate. Considerations for value and distinction are relevant as content based platforms and peer to peer networks evolve. Gnonstop allows for users and visitors to become more distinct by providing an application that fully endorses real life experiences. Meditation has been encouraged through various platforms considering content such as recorded audio. Work environments may become visualized through peer to peer networks featuring coworkers. Gnonstop does not oppose established platforms, but does provides an alternative. Users may find synergistic results from using Gnonstop while producing for an audience on another platform.

Lucy Moore is a 25 year old scientific researcher who enjoys playing golf, watching football and competing in chess matches. She reads and writes channeling considerate energetic passion. To peers, her wit sometimes comes off as sneaky though she portrays it elegantly. Lucy is very proud of staying in good shape and exercises frequently. Social profiles feature her tall figure, glowing skin, dark brown hair and black eyes. Lucy's best friend is a fellow researcher known as Rhoda Steele. They are inseparable learning and growing together both coming from complicated social upbringings. Tragically, Lucy’s parents died when she was young, so she was raised around extended family and friends. She sometimes rebels curating peaceful conflicts such as drawing art in public places using chalk.

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