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Using Gnonstop

August 21, 2020 at 2:02 am


Timers serve various functions for people all around the world. Timing applications differ from content sharing applications which often depend on peer to peer interactions. Peer to peer platforms focus on content sharing and sometimes peer to peer interactions limit user capabilities. Examples of limited user capabilities include deleted actions such as removed content due to peer to peer interactions. In different ways, timing applications liken to streaming applications that typically include timing functions to control videos. Streaming applications limit user interaction to content hosted within the application. Gnonstop extends account capabilities beyond streaming applications and peer to peer networks. Using Gnonstop to create and collect timing records has unique potential as account actions are not limited to traditional ones like posting photos or sending comments. Gnonstop furthers account capabilities introducing categories to push limits and facilitate creative thinking.


Gnonstop development has focused around the account instead of users. Traditional applications such as peer to peer networks and streaming services commonly focus on individuals. Gnonstop introduces innovative concepts because multiple people and groups can share one account. Considering exercise, one person may make an account to log progress and organize routines. One group, like a yoga class, may also make an account to log progress and organize routines. Using Gnonstop considers the applications and peer to peer networks differently. Timing and record keeping represents more innovative spaces beyond other applications because categories and records can be kept for just about anything.


Using Gnonstop offers unique experiences compared to other applications like peer to peer networks and streaming services. Gnonstop differs because information stored for accounts includes record titles, timing details, and category groupings. Gnonstop focuses much less on user generated content than many other applications on the world wide web. Gnonstop has been developed considering real life activities rather than virtual content. Gnonstop has developed functionality separate from peer to peer networks and streaming services. Gnonstop features the ability to categorize records within one account rather than categorization across multiple accounts. Gnonstop builds upon functionality introducing the ability to add extra records for timings separate from the application.

Lucy Moore is a 25 year old scientific researcher who enjoys playing golf, watching football and competing in chess matches. She reads and writes channeling considerate energetic passion. To peers, her wit sometimes comes off as sneaky though she portrays it elegantly. Lucy is very proud of staying in good shape and exercises frequently. Social profiles feature her tall figure, glowing skin, dark brown hair and black eyes. Lucy's best friend is a fellow researcher known as Rhoda Steele. They are inseparable learning and growing together both coming from complicated social upbringings. Tragically, Lucy’s parents died when she was young, so she was raised around extended family and friends. She sometimes rebels curating peaceful conflicts such as drawing art in public places using chalk.

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