Launching Boost Mode - Gnonstop

Launching Boost Mode

December 05, 2022 at 12:30 am

Adding Possibilities

Gnonstop launched Boost Mode earlier this year as a new mode for online timing configurations. Boost randomly increases duration to active portions of timer configurations. Developing Gnonstop as an application, timing precision and record keeping tools were not enough. Better engagement, interactive user experiences and an overall desire to achieve more motivated a new timing mode. To use Boost Mode, visit the boost page and set a maximum time amount. Maximum boost time corresponds to the most potential random time added to active sessions. So a maximum boost of 10 seconds will add up to 10 seconds to each active interval completed after inactive time. Boost mode was designed for a different boost amount (up to the maximum) to get applied at each new active interval. Setting up multiple intervals with boosts applied becomes set between lower and upper bound durations. Previously, Gnonstop explored indefinite timer configurations when developing clock features that iterate for indefinite interval cycles. Boost Mode continues unique timing styles and establishes an upper and lower bound for set completion.


Many timing applications operate around preset routine configurations. Building on certain timer cycles is valuable, especially for utilities that mix digital platforms and real life experiences. Gnonstop differentiates from other timing applications and develops unique functionality with the introduction of Boost. Depending on different potential use cases, timing applications can draw from user input and goal structure. Computer systems often include timing features based on operating system standard or design. System applications would typically facilitate timer configurations and scenarios based on user inputs. Certain applications and regiments have developed more complex timing solutions. Layers of timer functions could correspond to custom routines like meditation or exercise. Intricate timer use cases are different from Gnonstop’s development path. Gnonstop has added new innovative tools integrating Boost Mode for custom timing goals, at broad scale. Boost features affect active timer durations as well as entire routine lengths. With boost, overall timing configuration durations now reflect time ranges depending on added potential. Gnonstop integration of boost mode aims to motivate additional time dedicated to active portions of routines across many different potential use scenarios.

Innovative Timekeeping

Boost mode is distinct by adding custom, random amounts of time to active portions of timing configurations. Better engagement was a focus implementing boost features into Gnonstop. Traditional utilities introduce timing durations that users could anticipate or grow accustomed to. Still many scenarios exist where users may benefit from an extra boost. Creating Boost included a single input for maximum time added for each timing interval. Development features a unique random boost time duration for each active interval. So a boost amount up to input maximum gets added each change from inactive to active change. Variable nature of boost potential draws engagement to check progress throughout routines. Considering potential configurations, an extra boost could add endurance or stamina to regular activities. Gnonstop experiences become more interactive as users can build on timer cycles between preset bounds. An overall desire to achieve more is foundation to building Gnonstop and adding unique functionality. Boost features bridge a gap in utility functions between custom timer tools and indefinite clock configurations.

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