Onward - Gnonstop


August 30, 2021 at 1:45 am

Innovative Directions

Gnonstop intends to develop further as an internet application with respect to community growth and interest around new website features. Creating records and organizing categories offers a wide scope of potential routes for development. Recent updates that removed default values for new accounts have opened up room for new ideas focused around categorization and organization of records. The core of Gnonstop timing utilities includes customization of timers for predetermined and infinite interval configurations. Upcoming developments are focused around facilitating record creation and improved category organization methods. Gnonstop hopes to remain integral as an application ready to serve website visitors and registered account users alike. Efforts to expand the website aim to retain valuable experiences currently served while implementing new ideas.

Expanded Horizons

Developing record tools for registered accounts represents multiple fronts for growth. Creating, saving, and adjusting records is currently implemented with methods built around individual categories and records. Beyond the current application state, future developments plan to streamline record saving introducing greater links between records and accounts. Ideas in development explore record reuse for scenarios such as reoccurring timers. Rather than creating new timers for the same situation multiple times, accounts may revisit past timers before adding new records accordingly. Regarding organization, future vision explores more user friendly category layouts. Currently, records may get grouped and organized one at a time. New ideas explore the implementation of batch actions for multiple records and categories. Gnonstop is consistently learning and developing for productive future launches.

Ruby Wright is a 31-year-old political analyst who enjoys sports on television, binge-watching boxing matches and solving jigsaw puzzles. She writes with vigor yet sometimes her messages come off a bit standoffish. Ruby touts background studying philosophy, politics and economics at various levels of university. She is obsessed with running and physically in really great shape. Social profiles feature her average height, blonde hair and brown eyes. She is currently obsessed with film stars. One of her favorites is Erica Viv Morgan, who once played a locally renowned carpenter. Ruby's best friend is a government analyst called Charlotte Forrest. They enjoy cycling together and share frequent discussions about novels.

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