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Peace of Mind Frameworks

August 26, 2021 at 1:11 am


Gnonstop grew and stood tests of time over one year after first launching. The project began as a dream; an outlet to showcase talents and efforts kept at bay around the world at former times. Despite progress, the world constantly evolves, thus this does not always equate to that. What may seem dynamic today or over the last year could disappear tomorrow. Movements and ideas that seem positive might shift. Future vision outlined in the last Gnonstop blog post from 2020 was more than a bid. These ideas have echoed comments that deserve discussion and air play.


Content based platforms and peer to peer networks provided motivation when coding the Gnonstop platform. These ideas underlay the fabric of modern computer and mobile device networks. Yet content based platforms consolidate photos and videos under user profiles, sometimes limiting the scope of imagination. While peer to peer networks offer exchanges and variety, the other side may not always turn out. Gnonstop aims to compliment content based platforms. Where activity focused around content profiles often provides singular viewpoints, Gnonstop boils down. As an interval timer application, Gnonstop offers tools to keep track of time and record efforts while offering an alternative to certain views.


As an application and internet platform, Gnonstop remains fundamentally the same. An interval timer tool, a configuration of computer code, and a setting for accounts created for empowerment of individuals, peers, and groups. Since launching, many accounts have been created and some really positive user experiences have been shared. Accounts and the ideas around them will always remain at the core of Gnonstop experiences. Gnonstop is not nearly a social network. For registered account users and internet visitors alike, Gnonstop allows interval timer configurations to get created for reasoning like zen.

Liam Bell is a 29 year old career specialist who enjoys checking news stories against Snopes, listening to music, and binge-watching Hulu. He often writes about characters having background gained from studying philosophy, politics and economics at university. He is allergic to shellfish. Liam is obsessed with jazz and often in attendance at local concerts. Physically, he is in decent shape and practices yoga several times each week. Social profiles feature his average height, unique hairstyles and green eyes. Liam's best friend is a technical writer known as Jay Walker. They get along well most of the time and enjoy photography together.

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