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Future Goals

August 22, 2020 at 1:11 am


Gnonstop has been developed with respect to upcoming years considering goal emergence for various exciting application endeavors. Over the next few years, much is expected to update considering developments of the world wide web. Content based platforms are expected to continue growth at predicted rates while focus may shift across content types. Peer to peer networks are also expected to grow at potential rates as technologies enable small business and individual development. Internet streaming services are expected to grow at predictable rates as attention shifts between different duration content and across different hosting models. The future appears bright with new exciting potentials on the horizon.


Timing applications traditionally correspond to basic human functions and extend to creative use scenarios. Basic functions for interval timers include exercise, meditation, studying, focusing, and alternating functions. Gnonstop expects application maturation aging well into the future. Gnonstop represents cumulative efforts to record and organize timer records for accounts. Accounts may correspond to individuals, peers, or groups. The variable nature of Gnonstop accounts adapts well considering shifting social landscapes where peer to peer networks often rely on user interactions across different accounts. Gnonstop has developed exciting potentials paving the way for creative and organized internet records beyond content driven networks.

Lucy Moore is a 25 year old scientific researcher who enjoys playing golf, watching football and competing in chess matches. She reads and writes channeling considerate energetic passion. To peers, her wit sometimes comes off as sneaky though she portrays it elegantly. Lucy is very proud of staying in good shape and exercises frequently. Social profiles feature her tall figure, glowing skin, dark brown hair and black eyes. Lucy's best friend is a fellow researcher known as Rhoda Steele. They are inseparable learning and growing together both coming from complicated social upbringings. Tragically, Lucy’s parents died when she was young, so she was raised around extended family and friends. She sometimes rebels curating peaceful conflicts such as drawing art in public places using chalk.

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